Entering our 20th Year

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Ask any female client to list the major issues she has to face as a woman and unwanted facial and body hair will be at or very near the top of their list! The advent of laser hair-removal some 23 years ago seemed to promise a solution. Opinion was divided on the long-term results, and only time could tell. Well, it is now seventeen years later so what have those years of treatments revealed?

Cristianos Laser Clinic was one of the first clinics to specialise in laser hair removal treatment and has been at the forefront of providing ethical treatment. Established in 1997 by Chris Hart, the company now has five sites, Altrincham, London, Leeds, Liverpool and Bury.

Chris recalls her motivation for setting up the business ‘Having had a burning desire to cure the world of facial hair and having worked as an electrologist, I considered the technology of laser offered clients the prospect of much safer, speedier and more comfortable solution. The amount and nature of PCOS and trans facial hair is perfect for laser treatment. Providing a non judgmental and welcoming atmosphere came as second nature to me. I recall saying we would be around for the long haul and clients could be assured we were committed to providing effective treatment. I am so pleased to have been proved right!’

Cristianos is one of the few clinics where every clinician will readily discuss the crucial issues, such as clinical results. Indeed, Cristianos were singled out for compliment by the Care Quality Commission for the high standard of quality assurance and information provision provided. Since its conception, thousands of clients have enjoyed the benefit of treatment and we have used that experience to formulate best practice guidelines, which are used consistently at Cristianos Clinics.

Chris and the Cristianos staff believe that different client groups have different needs in respect of treatment, for example the treatment regime would differ for a post-menopausal genetic female and PCOS sufferer with thick dark coarse hair. One-size-fits-all doesn’t really work as so many factors affect the success of treatment; therefore it is important to have experience of the issues affecting the individual client.

Many people would consider the issue of long-term effectiveness as being the most important question. Keeping track of clients in order to assess long-term results can be difficult. However, such is the nature of the Cristianos approach, clients have a tendency to stay in touch making it a simple to answer the question of longevity of the results.

Chris comments, ‘I consider it a privilege to have been able to make such a difference to clients lives and to have seen them grow and develop as individuals. Still seeing clients hair-free years on is a very rewarding experience both for the client and ourselves. We want as many people as possible to benefit from choosing Cristianos to provide safe, affordable and effective treatment and care.’