A.H. Testimonial PCOS Sufferer

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A.H. My Experience with Cristianos Bury

I first discovered Cristianos through a Google search in 2014. I was diagnosed with PCOS at a young age, PCOS is an unbalanced hormone, the female/male hormone produces unwanted symptoms such as hirsutism-unwanted hair. I started to notice I wasn’t like ‘normal’ girls having hairs growing in places it wasn’t meant too! Hairs started growing thick and dark on my face, chin, upper lip and sides, ever since I began to pluck, shave, have threading anything to try and get rid of the unwanted hair.

I was very very sceptical about laser/IPL or any other cosmetics. I was partially convinced nothing would work, but I continued to have some hope something would work, i remember the bad days I suffered from the horrible condition, nothing was working and I honestly believed I would be like this for the rest of my life. Then I found Cristianos, I read a little and watched a video about a girl who was very much like me so I plucked up the courage to email Cristianos. At that point I was suffering from depression, didn’t want to work as I was scared that people would notice as nobody knew my secret, i hid it from everyone. My experience at Cristianos has literally changed my life, after 1-3 laser sessions i was still a little unsure if it would work, but after 6-7 sessions I can notice most of the hairs have now gone! Under my chin is now clear along with my upper lip. I don’t have to shave twice a day anymore, I can get away with a small shave every 3-4 days. I’m much more confident now and I have even been to interviews, whereas before I just wanted to hide away.

My honest and reliable advice to any woman suffering in silence should be to build up the courage to book a consultation, it’s been the most positive thing that’s happened to me since my diagnosis. My face is so much cleaner now and I’m really excited to see the final results. It does take time to achieve a full clearance but it’s worth travelling down this path as it’s made a massive difference to my life.

Since having treatment I been telling all of my friends and family about my condition and how treatment is having a positive effect on me, I’m not ashamed anymore, I just wish I would have known about this years ago.

I would seriously recommend treatment to anyone with PCOS, it really is the best thing to get rid of unwanted hair. The staff at Cristianos are always friendly and smiley which really helps. I cannot wait to have my next session, I always look forward to going because my condition is finally controlled. Still quite a way to go but I know how positive it’s going to be.

I am a much happier and confident person, i still have down days but in the main I’m happier since I’m no longer ashamed of how I look

I would like to thanks Kerry the lady who does my treatment – she has been very supportive throughout my treatment, I can now live a much happier life