Andrew – Pilondial Sinus Testimonial

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19 Year Old Male with Pilonidal Sinus

2 years ago i was admitted to hospital with ‘Pilonidal Disease’ this condition was of great discomfort and inconvenience to me whilst i was carrying out a busy routine with school and a part time job. I had surgery and the abscess healed well. I was at the time advised by the doctor at the time that the disease has a habit of coming back and to be aware of this. A few months after my abscess healed a second abscess occurred, this one in a more difficult position. After nearly a year, the abscess was not making much progress and left me in a state of constant discomfort and disappointment. At a point where my treatment ( 3 times a week visiting a district nurse for dressings) seemed to be at a standstill point my consultant (DR G DUFF) explored with me the option of laser treatment. With the condition being directly related to hair growth it seemed like a sensible decision and was initially introduced as future prevention for the condition, this was a relief to me as it is a very unpleasant experience and to prevent it in the future would be a huge relief. We proceeded with the treatment and luckily i managed to get funding (not easily, the NHS wanted to be sure that my case was of an EXTREME nature) but thankfully it was granted. As soon as i had a consultation at Cristianos Laser Clinic i really felt comfortable, the condition i had is not something i enjoy sharing or showing people but Jane who saw me for every treatment and consultation was very friendly, and comforting. As treatments went on due to maintenance of the hair the abscess showed significant healing. After a few treatments i was discharged from the nurses and was discharged just recently from the hospital as the wound has healed and is not showing any signs of reoccurring i feel a lot better in myself. The treatment was quick and spaced out, they were very flexible around my school and work life. I am very grateful for the work that has been done from the team at Cristianos.

On a side note i would just like to let you know how great Jane has been, i will thank her personally when i see her but she really is the reason that this whole process was so comfortable for me.