Not all lasers are the same!

A confusing number of laser/IPL hair removal treatments for Asian Skin types exist, using differing kinds of laser/IPL/VPL/LHE technology. All claim to result in benefits to the client and some are more successful than others in terms of lasting results and potential side effects. Cristianos Clinics Nationwide in London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Bury uses the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser solely for hair removal and the Energist Ultra VPL System for Asian skin type hair removal and a vast range of skin treatments.

Technology is an everyday part of our life. The beauty salon once thought of as the home of manicures, make-up and massage has increasingly accepted ‘high-tech’ advances, including laser and intense pulse light (IPL) therapy. You may know that lasers are used for hair removal. Did you know that the technology has advanced so much that they are also used to treat acne, acne-scarring, thread veins and skin rejuvenation? Or that they are safely and effectively used on a far greater range of coloured skin than was once possible?   

Asian Skin

What is the best treatment for Asian skin tones and how can the discerning client ensure they get the best treatment available?

Lasers have been used in the medical field for decades in the treatment of skin conditions such as port wine stains and strawberry birthmarks. The discovery of the effect of ruby laser light on hair growth was made by Professor Mark Clement in Swansea, Wales; this led to the development of a laser that was used in reconstructive surgery, where donor site tissue needed to be hair-free.

The laser developed by Prof Clement, the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser, works on the principle of selective absorption of the light in the melanin, colour in the hair or skin. This meant the skin had to be white and the hair dark for treatment to be most effective, which ruled out the treatment for most Asian skin tones. Further research and development led to the introduction of intense pulsed light systems, which, although they still relied on selective absorption of light, allowed time for the skin to cool, whilst building up heat within the hair making the treatment more suited to darker skin tones.

Hair diagram

 Evolution has led to further advancements in the field with the Energist ULTRA VPL system (Variable Pulsed Light), which allows the clinician greater flexibility to vary the pulse and, therefore, tailor the treatment perfectly to the needs of the individual client making treatment much more successful than ever before and on a much wider range of skin tones and with a wider range of applications.  

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