Electrolysis Hair Removal London for M2F Transgender

As many of you will know clients are the driving force in decision making at Cristianos. We strive to provide the kind of services you ask for. In response to our Client Questionnaire and Audit Report 2011 Jo Wallingford joined our London team to provide electrolysis.  Jo has a vast experience as a qualified electrologist providing hair removal for trans clients and has fitted in perfectly.

Jo is more than happy to provide electrolysis for those clients whose hair or skin are not suitable for laser/IPL or simply for clients who have a preference for electrolysis over any other method of hair removal. Although some clients may choose to have electrolysis nearer to their home there is great advantage in keeping your treatment all under one roof for example consistency of approach, integration of your treatment plan leading to the best possible results being achieved for the client.

If a client is part of the care pathway then there is funding available.