Electrolysis Hair Removal by Experts

We are experts in hair removal using electrolysis at our specialist clinics throughout the Country in London, Altrincham, Leeds, Liverpool and Bury to complement laser/IPL. This is specifically for those hairs that will not respond to light based systems such as grey, blonde or red tones.

Electrolysis is an alternative to laser for hair removal where clients have fine hair growth or red/grey/blonde coloured hair. Until the advent of laser, electrolysis was considered the only permanent method of hair removal. Electrolysis is the destruction of the lower follicle through the application of an electrical current. The current may be radio or high frequency, direct or galvanic or a combination of the two. Electrolysis was first reported to the medical profession by Charles E,. Michel MD of St. Louis Missouri USA in 1875.

A very fine needle called a ‘probe’ is inserted down each hair into the space between the shaft and the follicle wall. A short stinging sensation can be felt as the heat is applied. Results can be slow and, if performed incorrectly, there may be scarring and/or pitting of the skin. A qualified professional should perform this treatment.

The advantage of electrolysis however is that it is not dependent on the hair having pigment as the needle conducts the current; this allows us to complete treatments in the case where a client has non-pigmented hair remaining in an area where the laser has removed all pigmented hair.