Specialists in Hair Removal for Phalloplasty

Experts in the removal of hair from donor sites such as forearm flap and abdominal flap prior to Phalloplasty are difficult to find, at Cristianos we have the expertise by having Urology Nurses who works closely with surgeon Mr David Ralph and Mr Nim Christopher.

It is widely taken as public knowledge that individuals transition from one gender to another however it is believed that the vast majority of the general public see this as a transition from male to female, never generally considering that trans issues affect individuals who wish to move from female to male. For the majority of f2m individuals this is a positive for the majority of the time as it means transmen can conduct their day to day lives without their trans status being an issue. However this lack of public and professional knowledge can sometimes lead to difficulties in finding essential treatment without having to enter into long explanations. The problem of hair removal both pre and post-operatively for men undergoing phalloplasty is one such case.

The need for hair removal is twofold firstly from the surgical point of view if the hair is not removed prior to surgery the hair can cause post operative infections and complications, which can result in the need to revisit the theatre. Secondly, on a purely practical level who has the time or inclination to shave on a daily basis? Hair removal generally falls under the auspices of the beauty salon and wanting a chest or back wax wouldn’t be considered out of the ordinary. However how many therapists would be familiar with the processes involved with phalloplasty and forearm flap, let alone the how and the where?

Fortunately at Cristianos no explanations are necessary. Cristianos Laser Clinic Ltd have a wealth of experience in treating trans men and women and have been commissioned by several PCT’s to provide treatment for hair removal of this nature funded by the NHS. We have been able to work closely with Mr Ralph’s and Mr Christopher’s teams to perfect the process for clients both pre phalloplasty and post Phallus . Coming to Cristianos means that you can have the confidence that we are working together with the Healthcare Professionals caring for your needs. This collaboration between professionals means that we not only have an understanding of the stages of treatment and work we are required to perform but also that the client can be comfortable in the knowledge that no complicated explanations are necessary. Collaboration between professionals lead to quality assured treatment and care.