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Whether it’s plucking, shaving, waxing or laser, most of us have tried to remove unwanted hair on our body in one way or another. While waxing, plucking and shaving, threading are quick, inexpensive and easily done, they are temporary measures, so many people are opting to try laser or IPL hair removal instead.

Regardless of what method you choose for hair removal, make sure that it is safe and convenient, a good match for your skin type, and within the right price range for you, at Cristianos we offer all of these safeguards with Clinics near to Bradford, Headlingly, Selby, York and Harrogate.

Asian IPL hair removal has progressed over the years with new systems offering treatments with light based technology for example Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which is ultimately dependent on the hair containing dark pigment. This is because the light is absorbed in melanin, the pigment in hair and skin. The light is then converted into heat within the hair shaft and subsequently heats the follicle destroying its capacity to regrow. For this process to be effective there must be enough dark pigment in the hair. White, blonde and grey hair does not contain sufficient pigment for the treatment to be effective. The darker the pigment the more efficient the process is.

When laser hair removal first came to the attention of the public, some fifteen years ago the technology was only suited to the treatment of Caucasian skins. However demand for a solution to unwanted hair for darker Asian skinned individuals led to further research and development resulting in the evolution of Intense Pulse Light technology (IPL).

IPL/VPL systems deliver therapeutic light in shorter packs of energy, interceded by cooling periods, thus making the treatment of darker skin tones attainable. Not withstanding this, the treatments of Afro-Caribbean skins Fitzpatrick Skin Type V can prove difficult and may run a high risk of side effects such a burning, so it it really important that you research the systems thoroughly.

Please view our brochure for hair removal with information about the Ultra IPL which is especially developed for Asian Skin Types.