Hair Removal for Men & Women

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Hair removal for Men & Women

Hair removal for Men & Women may not be the most glamorous of grooming issues, but it is fast becoming a familiar routine for most females – and for some men too. A great many women, however, experience more problematic hair growth, which can cause embarrassment, loss of confidence, and self esteem. The Cristianos Laser Clinic has what is believed to be the optimum solution to this perennial problem – the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser, a speedy, safe, effective and long lasting way of removing unwanted facial and body hair.

The Cristianos Laser Clinic was one of only 9 UK clinics which invested in this state of the art laser system back in 1998, the effectiveness of which was been proven in clinical tests world-wide. Despite the plethora of competing permanent hair removal systems now flooding the market, the Chromos 694 remains the only one used by plastic surgeons during reconstructive surgery where the donor site is hirsute.

Clients travel from all over the country to have treatment at Cristianos and the clinic extends an invitation to you to try this innovative treatment for yourself in the discreet and comfortable surroundings of its Altrincham, London, Lancashire, Liverpool and Leeds based clinics. The idea of lasting silky smooth under-arms, bikini line and legs has to be appealing to the majority of women whether they consider their hair growth a real problem or not.

Unwanted Hair: The Facts

For most women, superfluous hair is a minor grooming problem, kept easily in check by razors, creams or waxing, but for others this unwanted hair presents a more serious and frequently embarrassing problem. Almost 15% of women aged between 18 and 45 are troubled by excessive hair growth, a condition known as hirsutism, and facial hair is usually the most distressing symptom for sufferers.

Chris Hart, the driving force behind the Cristianos Laser Clinic, carried out extensive research into the most efficient and effective systems on the market before choosing the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser, developed at the Swansea Institute. Says Chris:

“Unwanted hair can be a source of great embarrassment to many people, but with the latest laser technology, there really is no longer any need to suffer unnecessarily. It is important, though, to choose a professional, responsible clinic and to be fully aware of the facts about laser/IPL treatment. There are number of different systems on the market – not all of them offer the same lasting results or are equally free from side effects”.

Unwanted Hair: The Cristianos Solution

If unwanted hair is the problem, the Cristianos Laser Clinic Ltd will get straight to its root. The Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, London, Liverpool and Leeds based clinics specialise in all aspects of safe, effective hair removal, with a focus on the latest state of the art laser techniques.

While the removal of unwanted hair is no more than a routine grooming procedure for many women, a large number, particularly during pregnancy or in middle age, experience a coarser, darker growth, which may require a more concentrated, long-term treatment than straightforward waxing or shaving.

Cristianos is the only private clinic in the UK to introduce the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser and the Energist Ultra VPL, both clinically proven to offer a highly effective means of achieving long term hair removal quickly, painlessly and without damaging the skin.

Women of a Certain Age

Whilst unwanted hair on legs, bikini and underarms is a problem generally accepted by many women as ‘something just to deal with’, particularly during the summer months, facial hair is quite different and can be the cause of extreme embarrassment and distress.

It is a fact that between the ages of 40-50 there is a gradual decline in oestrogen and progesterone levels due to ovarian tissue slowly ceasing to respond to stimulation by the gonadotrophic hormones secreted by the pituitary gland. There is at the same time an increase in levels of androgens (a general term for male hormones) circulating. They can cause hair growth when the hormone balance is disturbed during menopause.

It is estimated that an alarmingly high percentage of women experience a problem with unwanted hair growth during this time in their lives. At Cristianos Laser Clinic we understand how this can affect self-confidence and self-esteem and how difficult that can be to cope with.

You can be assured of an ethical and professional understanding approach to your individual problems and concerns. If you do not initially feel confident about trying laser/VPL then there are highly qualified clinicians who will advise on alternatives to suit your requirement.

Cristianos is able to provide treatment for clients aged 16 and over.

In order to provide treatment for clients aged 16-18 Cristianos was required to apply for specific registration to treat clients aged 16 and above. The Care Quality Commission were duty bound to protect the safety of children and young people and look closely at the policies and processes Cristianos had in place to ensure that young people are provided with treatment in a supportive and protective environment. Where a young person is considering treatment at Cristianos they must be referred by their GP and be accompanied by an adult.

Treatment for males

In the presiding western culture, the image of the masculine hairy chest is no longer considered desirable and the hair free body is portrayed as the ideal. Testosterone is an extremely powerful hormone and is responsible for secondary sexual characteristics such as hair growth. The continued presence of testosterone means that although it is possible to remove large areas of hair growth complete removal is unrealistic. The treatment should be regarded as hair reduction and may require on going treatment.

Good grooming is becoming increasingly important to men. Excess body hair and poor skin conditions are a common problem and can now be addressed with the revolutionary Energist Ultra VPL and the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser. Problem areas such as back, chest, shoulders, ear, nose and neck can now be addressed for hair removal and fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring or just improving ones skin conditions can now be achieved.

The needs for each individual are different and for that reason we can invite prospective clients to book a consultation in order to assess any problems you may have worries about and for us to give an honest appraisal of the optimum treatment requirements. This consultation is entirely free and without obligation, we also include a test patch so you can experience the results before you decide whether or not to have treatment.

You can be assured of an ethical and professional understanding approach to your individual problems and concerns. If you do not initially feel confident about trying laser/VPL then there are highly qualified clinicians who will advise on alternatives to suit your requirement.