Hair Removal on NHS (PCT) Funding

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Hair Removal on the NHS. Assistance with Treatment Costs For Hair Removal

The availability of hair removal on the NHS varies from one Trust to another and is generally regarded as a cosmetic treatment. Some Trusts will have electrolysis clinics attached to their dermatology departments but generally speaking the waiting lists are extensive and the amount of treatment is restricted regardless of the severity of the patients condition. The availability of light-based technology i.e. laser or intense pulsed light IPL within this framework is even more rare. Nevertheless where individual cases are presented certain Trusts are willing to out-source such treatment. Cristianos is a clinic known not only for the high standards of treatment and care but also the support offered to it’s clients. That same quality of client centered treatment and care has resulted in Cristianos being assessed by several Primary Care Trusts as being a suitable for providing contracted services for hair removal.

You may be eligible for funding if the following is applicable to you:

* Have undergone reconstructive surgery leading to abnormally located hair baring skin.
* Those who have a proven underlying Endocrine disturbance resulting in Hirsutism (e.g. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).
* Are undergoing treatment for Pilonidal Sinuses to reduce recurrence.
* Hirsutism leading to significant Psychological impairment.

The NHS have a duty to ensure that treatment patients receive are safe, effective and performed by suitably qualified practitioners. Healthcare organisation’s are required to monitor the quality of treatment they provide and produce audited data which demonstrates the safety and effectiveness of treatment. Healthcare Professionals are obliged by their professional Codes of Conduct to abide by Clinical Guidelines and can be struck off the register if they fail to do so. Hair removal either electrolysis or light based has traditionally fallen within the field of beauty therapy where although professionally qualified there are no mechanisms in place to withdraw qualifications for bad practice and no requirements to prove the safety or effectiveness of treatment. Therefore the NHS has in the past been reluctant to out-source treatments of this nature.

If your unwanted hair is the result of a medical problem or is affecting your quality of life your PCT may fund your treatment at Cristianos. If you think you would benefit you can contact Cristianos on freephone 0800 085 0661.