How to choose a Laser Clinic Nationwide

Sold on the idea of laser IPL/VPL/LHE hair removal? The next step is to choose your clinic with care:

Always choose a Laser Clinic with a proven track record and one that can produce Clinical papers for their systems.

When Cristianos was registered by the Care Quality Commission we fulfilled a strict inspection to allow us to provide treatment for clients aged 16 and over. This registration usually covered the treatment of adults over the age of 18 years. In order to provide treatment for clients aged below this age Cristianos was required to apply for specific registration to treat clients aged 16 and above. The Commission were duty bound to protect the safety of children and young people and look closely at the policies and processes Cristianos have in place to ensure that young people are provided with treatment in a supportive and protective environment, we carry on that ethos today. Where a young person is considering treatment at Cristianos they will be referred by their GP and must accompanied by an adult or Guardian.

Here are some ideas that may help you:

  • Check which laser/IPL/VPL/LHE system is used and that you fully understand its clinical capabilities.
  • Ask for literature for any claims they may make.
  • Avoid any clinic that doesn’t offer a free consultation and a test patch to check the way your skin reacts to the laser/IPL.
  • A professional clinic will take the time to determine the treatment most suited to your individual needs and to make sure you know all about what it will involve before the course begins.
  • If you have either a dark complexion or very blond or grey hair, Ruby laser treatment will be unsuitable for you as your hair does not contain the pigment called melanin required to absorb the light energy. Beware of any clinic, which advises you to the contrary!
  • Make sure you understand how you will be charged for the treatment.
  • A good clinic will allow you the option to pay as you go, instead of in advance.
  • Remember that laser treatment offers a long lasting solution and, with this in mind, is likely to be more cost effective in the long run than short-term hair removal techniques, which need to be repeated on a regular basis.

If you would like to view any past reports please email:

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