IPL Laser & Electrolysis in Liverpool

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IPL Laser & Electrolysis in Liverpool

At our new hair removal clinic in Liverpool we use all methods of systems for hair removal inc laser, IPL and electrolysis.

Shaving represents the method of hair removal for a great many of us, and whilst it does serve to achieve a smooth, non-stubbly finish, it is time-consuming, often causes irritable skin and razor bumps (even the occasional cut) and needs to be carried out frequently in fact more than once a day for people with Medical conditions which cause hair growth inc Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Pilonidal Sinus, Spina Bifida or even Transplant patients who take anti – rejection drugs .

Whilst the older methods are still available inc waxing and threading, it is somewhat of a hassle, the process itself both messy and painful! Other ways of getting rid of unsightly hair in today’s body conscious society¬† would include laser and IPL treatment and electrolysis, though seem expensive options they are overall a lot cheaper.

Your hair type will be determined at your initial consultation and a test patch will be performed using the system of your choice by settings that best suit your individual features. All hair growth cycles are slightly different and some women, at a mature stage in their life, will sometimes find that some small hairs will appear gradually over time due to increased hormone activity.