PCOS Sufferer Since Early Teens

I started to remove excess facial hair when I was only 15, it was only when I was attending a fertility clinic that I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  I have been removing excess facial hair for over 50 years and I cannot calculate the hours spent plucking hair on a daily basis!  The chore of removing hair and the fact I was so self-conscious about it resulted in me never camping, staying in hostels or going on residential with my students.  The thought of communal bedrooms and wash room was horrendous.  I finally got my act together, aged 66, to look into permanent removal of a few black hairs and abundance of grey hairs on my chin and neck.  I had my initial consultation with Kerry at the Liverpool clinic and she talked me through the whole process.  I have been fortunate enough to be able tolerate long sessions of up to 1.5 hours and have seen a massive reduction in the re-growth after only 7 sessions.  I no longer need 1.5 hours and today, I was ‘done and dusted’ in 45 minutes.  I have also extended my visits from every two weeks, which is great news as it reduces the time I have to clear my diary to enable the re-growth in readiness for my treatment. 

I know I have a bit to go yet, but I am absolutely delighted with my treatment to date.  After all those years of plucking, shaving and feeling so self-conscious, I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Kerry has been amazing and has only charged me for the length of the visit, even it works out at that I only need 50% of the session booked.  I would have no hesitation in recommending this process if in the end, I will have freedom from all the related problems of being hirsute as a result of PCOS. Sue – March 2017


Electrolysis At Cristianos

I have recently started sessions of electrolysis at the Cristianos clinic in Meadows fitness centre in Maghull. I have found Kerry to be very knowledgable and professional. She explained clearly what the treatment would involve and gave me realistic outcomes.  After three sessions I am extremely pleased with the results and now wish I had followed this route years ago. Electrolysis is not a quick fix solution but by following your personal treatment plan end results can be achieved.

Thank you Cristianos and Kerry for making what seemed an impossible situation become possible . E.M. July 2016


PCOS Sufferer Since an Early Age

A.H. has provided a testimonial about her experiences at our Bury Clinic, it is heartwarming to hear genuine thanks for having transformed an individuals life.

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Severe Facial Hair Due To PCOS

My daughter, Kimmy, has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which, not only caused her weight to balloon but also caused severe hirsutism on her face, neck and back. The hair became exceedingly noticeable when she turned 15 years old. Whenever we went to crowded places people would stare and pass rude remarks while some children would point at Kimmy and comment that she had a beard . These comments would upset her to a huge extent and she would often burst into tears.

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24 year old female with severe facial hair due to PCOS

The vast majority of people who come to Cristianos feel very self-conscious and low in self esteem due to their severe facial hair, read Nickk’s amazing journey.

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Facial Thread Veins

I have always had horrible little thread veins on my cheeks for as long as I can remember. I did some research and realized that there was something I could do about it. I have just finished my third session of treatment and my face looks a million times better. I can’t believe how much happier having it done has made me feel!

My initial consultation with Jane was extremely thorough. She made me feel reassured and gave me realistic expectations. Helpful caring staff, a clean tidy clinic and excellent results what more could you want. I would recommend thread vein removal at the Cristianos Laser Clinic in Altrincham to anyone.

Christine Scholes Warrington Oct 2012

19 Year Old Male with Pilonidal Sinus

2 years ago (2010) i was admitted to hospital with ‘Pilonidal Disease’ this condition was of great discomfort and inconvenience to me whilst i was carrying out a busy routine with school and a part time job. I had surgery and the abscess healed well. I was at the time advised by the doctor at the time that the disease has a habit of coming back and to be aware of this.

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Female Facial Hair Removal

Having had laser treatment through another provider I was reluctant to begin treatment again as i had a traumatic experience and was left burnt and was mismanaged as a patient.

I looked into Cristianos and went along for a free consultation. From the moment I stepped into the clinic I was treated with integrity and respect and was made to feel very comfortable about engaging in a course of treatments.

After my first treatment I waited with baited breath to see the results and was pleased to see after the 14 days a noticeable difference to the treated area. I have since had a further two treatments and can see a noted difference and I’m keen to see how the success of the treatments continues.

RA Merseyside Nov 2012

Male with chronic Pilonidal Sinus

” I have had an open surgery twice for Pilonidal sinus in past 10 years. Anyone who has it knows its pain. You cannot sit well, cannot walk or climb well and your personal life gets affected. I felt at my best after the open surgery wounds would heal in say 4-5 months.

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Subrato 2015