Myra Testimonal PCOS

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Severe Facial Hair Due To PCOS

My daughter, Kimmy, has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which, not only caused her weight to balloon but also caused severe hirsutism on her face, neck and back. The hair became exceedingly noticeable when she turned 15 years old. Whenever we went to crowded places people would  stare and pass rude remarks while some children would point at Kimmy and comment that she had a beard . These comments would upset her to a huge extent and she would often burst into tears. Finally out of  frustration I booked an appointment with one of the top clinics in the hope that their hair removal treatment would benefit Kimmy. The whole experience was extremely painful and unpleasant. I was given no information on how the treatment would work and what were the side effects, if any. Since the treatment had been very painful for Kimmy, I did not want to subject her to any further painful treatments.

During that period I searched the web for every clinic that dealt with hirsutism that co-existed with PCOS. Finally I came across the Cristianos Laser clinic in Altrincham. I was quite impressed with what I read on their website and decided to contact them. I received a prompt email from Dave who explained everything in detail. Kimmy and I met up with Dave and Chris who welcomed us warmly and spent considerable time with us explaining everything in detail. My queries were addressed appropriately and any trepidation I had quickly dissipated. I was also introduced to Jane who would carry out the treatments on Kimmy. Her first treatment was booked after the initial consultation.

Jane made every effort to keep Kimmy free from any pain. Initially the treatments took place every three weeks since the hair was extremely coarse and dense. This was also due to Kimmy,s mixed heritage-Arab and Kashmiri.

As the treatments continued, my daughter grew in confidence as the hair grew finer and less noticeable. She received several compliments from friends and family.

It is now over a year since Kimmy started her sessions at Cristianos. These are carried out every 7 to 8 weeks as the results have been dramatic. The hair growth on her cheeks and neck is very fine and barely noticeable. The hair on her upper lip has been eliminated completely. I am so pleased with the outcome that I have booked further treatments to target Kimmy,s back and as and when finances permit, I intend on getting her legs and arms lasered. It is definitely worth it in my opinion. Kimmy is elated and no longer fears venturing out of the house as she used to before. I am eternally grateful to both Dave and Chris, without their support we would still be floundering. I whole heartedly recommend Cristianos Laser Clinic for anyone who has excessive hair growth due to PCOS. You will be treated with compassion, empathy and respect.

Thank you