Natalie Testimonial

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Natalie Testimonial

I’m a Transgender female, and I’ve been going to your clinic in Leeds since November 2012 for hair removal.

My experience has been fantastic! Before i started treatment there, i had to use a regime of heavy concealer underneath heavy foundation to hide the dreaded 5 o clock shadow.

Around 9 months ago i discovered i was able to drop the concealer from underneath the foundation, and 3-4 months after that i was able to swap to a lighter foundation too. This helped fuel the hope that one day I’d be able to go without the make-up covering the skin on my face completely!

Fast forward to February 2014 and i was able to have my first day without ANY foundation or concealer covering the skin on my face, this was just last week, i had an appointment that day with someone who has seen me on a weekly basis for quite some time now, and she told me i looked radiant and that she couldn’t see any signs of facial hair! I spent the rest of that day walking around the city centre where i live, interacting with people and all i can say is that the feeling was so liberating, i won’t be looking back, and i have Cristianos to thank for that feeling!

I highly recommend Cristianos to anyone seeking hair removal, Transgender or not, the experience, high level of professionalism, equipment they use, and customer service is second to none! Emma at the Leeds clinic is lovely too and she will make sure you get the treatment that is right for your personal hair removal needs.

One final thing, anyone Transgender needn’t worry, Cristianos are very discreet and understanding, especially in regards to a Transgender clients needs. 🙂

Natalie, Bradford.