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How do I access NHS hair removal funding?

As most people will be aware NHS England introduced and interim gender policy in 2013 which entitled trans men and women access to hair removal. This policy allows patients who are currently on the NHS England Gender Pathway to receive up to eight sessions of either laser, IPL or electrolysis to the face and neck. It also allows patients both female to male and male to female to have hair removal to the donor site tissue prior to reconstructive surgery ( there is no specified number of treatments here). The Clinical Reference Group (CRG) have been looking closely at the provision of hair removal for patients on the NHS Gender Pathway and a new policy is expected to be published for public consultation in late 2014.

The process varies dependent on which Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) you are attending.

Leeds GIC

If you are attending Leeds GIC simply explain to your Lead Clinician that you would like to be referred to Cristianos for hair removal. Your Clinician will complete the necessary paperwork and forward a referral letter to ourselves, the clinician will also advise you to ring us directly to arrange an appointment at one of our clinics. You can call us on 0800 085 0661 and we will arrange for you to come along when you can talk to us about your needs. If you are suitable for treatment you will have a test patch. We will then write a report stating your suitability for treatment and our suggested treatment plan, this report is then sent to your Lead Clinician. Once we have received authorisation back from the GIC (usually within a week) we can get you started on treatment. When you have completed your course of treatment we supply a further report to your Lead Clinician.

London GIC (Charing Cross), Nottingham (GIC), Sheffield (Porterbrook Clinic), The Laurels (GIC)

If you are currently attending any Gender Identity Clinic and you are on the NHS Gender Pathway you will need to ask your Clinician to complete a PPN form and a one signature letter to authorise hair removal. You will need a copy of both of these documents and you will need to bring them along to Cristianos. The original letters are sent off by the GIC to your area team from NHS England (that’s the team where you G.P. is registered) this is because this team will be responsible for funding your hair removal treatment. You are free to ring Cristianos and book in for a consultation and test patch at any of our clinics. You must bring your letters with you so that we can take a copy. You are then free to start treatment with us. We cannot provide treatment without this documentation.

There are no charges at Cristianos for consultation, test patch or any report we write to your Healthcare Professionals.

Your Choice

Regardless of which Gender Identity Clinic you attend or which part of the country you live in you can access NHS funding at any Cristianos Clinics in London, Leeds, Altrincham, Bury or Liverpool. Funding via NHS England will be made available to you only once so MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR FUNDING WISELY. Cristianos have nearly 20-year proven history of providing quality assured treatment and care and we will always give your our very best professional advice. Call 0800 085 0661 or email info@cristianos.co.uk