Patient Choice for NHS Funding for Hair Removal

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Patient Choice for NHS funded Hair Removal Treatment

Gone are the dark days when the NHS would not fund treatment for hair removal. There is widespread acceptance now that healthcare goes far beyond providing pills and potions and that many different treatments and therapies can improve the quality of life for so many people.

The three recognised forms of long term hair removal are electrolysis, laser and intense pulsed light (IPL). Factors such as the colour of the hair and skin, medical history, medications and time constraints can dictate which is the most suitable method of hair removal for the individual. However are all of these treatments funded by the NHS and can the patient choose which treatment to have?

Finding a provider that is experienced in performing all of these treatments under one roof can be difficult. However Cristianos provides all three methods of hair removal and conducts treatment under contract to the NHS.

Accessing NHS funding varies thought the country but is generally accessed through Individual Funding Requests. Where a hospital may provide one method or a consultant have preference of one method of hair removal over another, this does not mean that this is the only option open to the client.

For example your hospital, consultant or specialist unit may offer only electrolysis but you think you may be suitable or simply prefer laser/IPL. You can come along to Cristianos where we can advise you on the most suitable treatment or combination of treatments for your individual needs. Equally you may wish to have electrolysis but the waiting list or opening times may be unsuitable for you. Should you choose to come to Cristianos we can help you access your NHS funding.

This service is all FREE of charge at our Clinics in Manchester, London, Bury, Leeds and London.