Personalised Care

Every client is an individual with his or her own needs. We believe listening to the client is the first step toward meeting those needs. Finding a solution to your hair or skin problem will be a joint exercise were we will work with you discussing your treatment preferences and requests and monitoring your progress carefully to achieve optimum results?

Consultation is the first step in this process. Consultations are completely free of charge, without obligation and conducted by a clinician, you will usually stay with this clinician during your treatment plan. There is no sales pitch; none of our staff are on commission of any description. Consultation is a two way process where you can discuss your needs and we can advise you on the treatment options, benefits, risks, effects, side effects, limitations and possible costs. We will always give you advice that is in your best interest even if that means we advise that you are unsuitable for treatment. Should laser/IPL be the best option you will need to undergo a test patch, again this is conducted free of charge and without obligation.

For some clients they are quite definite after their consultation that they wish to book for treatment for others the decision making process takes longer and clients may wish to discuss matters with a friend or medical professional. We do not coerce clients into treatment or offer specially discounted prices to those who book immediately. All prospective clients are given a Consultation Information Pack to take home, which reiterates the information which has been given during consultation. Having had time to consider the information at your leisure you are then free to contact the clinic to book an appointment or ask further questions should you wish to do so.