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Pilonidal Sinus Diagram

Pilonidal Sinus is a chronic disease of the natal cleft which can become hirsute, this is expertly treated at our clinics in London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Bury Lancashire .

Current thinking is that that Pilonidal Sinus is the result of the foreign body response to entrapped hair. The infected hair follicle may rupture into the subcutaneous tissue, forming a Pilonidal abscess. Many patients develop a Pilonidal sinus or cavity below the skin which connects to the surface with one or more opening tracts. These Pilonidal Sinuses are susceptible to further infection and inflammation which can result in severe pain and debility.

The incidence of the disease is thought to be in the region of 26 in 100,000 population. The disease is twice as frequent in men as in women and occurs most frequently between puberty and the age of 40.

Treatment options for this condition include antibiotics, drainage and surgery. However patients are at high risk of recurrence and may endure repeated surgical interventions. We strongly believe a more patient friendly, less time consuming and more cost effective method of treating this condition may lie in the long term removal of hair in the affected area.

There are two recognised methods of long term hair removal. Electrolysis and light based technology. This later group is subdivided into laser and intense pulsed light (IPL). Electrolysis relies on the insertion of a small needle into each hair follicle where an electrical current is discharged and causes the destruction of the follicle. In cases of Pilonidal Sinus the hair is in growing and therefore not accessible to treatment with this method. Additionally, as there is a high risk of infection following electrolysis which we believe renders this method of hair removal unsuitable for treatment in this instance. Therefore we would suggest the most appropriate method of hair removal from the natal cleft would be by means of laser /IPL.

At Cristianos we have expertise in the use of Chromos 694 Ruby Laser and Energist Ultra Variable Pulsed Light.  We consider that having both these systems it  gives us the ability to use both methods to their best advantage to produce the best results possible for the patient.

Download Clinical Paper Hair Removal Treatment of Recurrent Pilonidal Sinus (pdf)

Download Nursing Paper Pilonidal Sinus Paper 2016 (pdf)