Pilonidal Sinus Funding on NHS

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Pilonidal Sinus

This is a small, enclosed pit located under the skin. It’s most commonly found in the cleft between the buttocks and is caused by an ingrowing hair that penetrates the skin.

Most people are unaware they have a Pilonidal Sinus until it causes them trouble. Infection is the most likely problem to have occurred if the area becomes uncomfortable and sore.

Causes and risk factors

Men develop them more often than women, especially those men with a large amount of body hair (especially around the buttocks). They’re more common in younger adults, too, as well as those whose jobs require them to sit down for long periods , it is also said that there is also often a family history of the condition.

Quite why it happens isn’t entirely clear. When they occur in the cleft between the buttocks, one popular explanation is that there’s a developmental defect in the direction that the hair grows – that is, the hair grows inwards rather than outwards.

Funding for treatment is available on the NHS; at Cristianos we can provide an assessment of your suitablilty for hair removal and forward a report to your G.P. free of charge.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.