Praise for our London Staff re: Pilonidal Sinus

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Pilonidal Sinus

We are pleased to publish all testimonials so we can let other patients know who suffer from this debilitating condition that help is available and in many cases the NHS will provide funding.

” I have had an open surgery twice for Pilonidal sinus in past 10 years. Anyone who has it knows its pain. You cannot sit well, cannot walk or climb well and your personal life gets affected. I felt at my best after the open surgery wounds would heal in say 4-5 months. But as time went along the growth of new hair would eventually start bringing back the pain. Shaving the area and applying anti-hair lotions only helps so much and from my personal experience it is not a long term solution. 2 years after my second surgery the pain returned when sitting for longer than 2 hours. After much research I knew that laser hair removal was my last option. Although NHS do not provide this directly, they funded this for me with Cristianos. I noticed the pain reduction after my third monthly treatment. It was evident as i could sit 4 hours without any pain. Now after 8 treatments i have stopped shaving all-together. Laser hair removal has changed my world for good. I can now enjoy small things in life like climbing the staircases fast. I do still have pain when sitting in a flight for 10 hours but hopefully with more treatments overtime that will go as well. Sharon at Cristianos has been very friendly and looked after me so well through all these monthly treatments. Thank you Sharon.

Thanks Cristianos for reviving me.”