Quality Assurance

Clients come to Cristianos Laser Clinic because they want results; we enjoy working at Cristianos because we enjoy producing results. Quality assurance is built in to all that we do quite simply because your results matter to you and to us. Of course quality matters in every aspect of the service we provide to you, in your contact with the clinic, making appointments, information provision in fact your entire experience with us. Quality assurance checks and balances are part of our commitment to meeting your needs and ensuring we deliver safe, effective treatment and care. Audits and Client Surveys are published annually and copies are available at each clinic.

We are committed to continually improving our service and produce a Clinical Governance Report each year which looks at projects we have undertaken during the previous year to improve the service we deliver to our clients. The formulation of Consultation Information and GP Information Packs, development of the Client Care Pathway and Client Briefings and Newsletter have all been developed as part of our commitment to Clinical Governance.

We actively seek the opinions of our clients in the Clinical Governance process. Our client’s opinions are the driving force in decision making within Cristianos.