Sophie Testimonial

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Sophie Transgender Client

I thought I would just take a moment to thank you and Cristianos, for treatments I have been receiving to remove my facial hair.

Being transgendered, my facial hair was more than an annoyance, it was a confidence issue, although I was able to cover it to some extent with what I would now describe as heavy foundation this never looked natural, and still left an awful shadow.

I am now able to wear and enjoy makeup to enhance my features rather than have to hide them, and it has made an amazing difference to my confidence when I go out weather to the theater, or just shopping. It really has opened up a whole new world.

I have enclosed a recent photo for you, that for me show the results that I am now able to enjoy. I feel I can now go anywhere and do anything without the fear of someone seeing me as a man.

Sophie Close up Facial

From getting to know you during my treatment time, I have become aware of your expertise and knowledge about laser treatments and have no issues with recommending you to others

I will admit to being nervous on my first visit for the consultation, but that did not last long after meeting with you, it was obvious that being TG was a non issue and I suspect all women and men for that matter are a bit nervous (embarrassed) about their hair issues

Thank you again for helping me just to be me.