T.V. Programme

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We have been contacted by Amy Johnson in relation to a programme which intends to follow transgender clients through their transition, Amy says “ The series we’re making hopes to follow-up to ten individuals, from the very early stages of their transition, across various aspects of their lives over an approximately two-year period.  We want to chat to as many people as possible (confidentially – this information will go no further) to understand a variety of experiences and ultimately find several people out of the many we do speak to who might like to share their stories as part of the series.

We’re committed to creating an accurate representation of transgender individuals in our series. To do this, we will be working with members of the trans community, medical professionals and using our own experience of having worked on important and sensitive subject matters in the past. I noticed that you take referrals from The Gender Clinic and wondered if you would be happy to pass our details on to any of your clients who you think might be suitable.

This is an intelligent series and whilst we are very discreet and mindful in our outreach we do have to make sure we try all avenues so I hope you don’t mind receiving a cold email. Please feel free to call and discuss further – 0207 013 4385.