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Aysha (Bury Clinic)

I am thirty five years old and have Asian skin and dark hair. I have had laser hair removal before about eight years ago but after having two kids and breastfeeding the dreaded facial hair came back. It was manageable at first but then it came to a point where I was shaving everyday and the hair was very thick and coarse.

I found Cristianos Bury clinic on the internet, it was one of two clinics which was local. The other place never returned my message and Kerry phoned me back quickly so I went to see her. The consultation was professional and friendly. I had a test patch.

The results after the first session were fantastic. The hairs did not grow back for ages and were less coarse. I didn’t have to have the second session for another 6-8 weeks. I did get spots but I think this was because the hairs were so thick and had absorbed so much heat that the follicles got inflamed.

I have had about six sessions in all, in the last year and can say I don’t have a facial hair problem anymore. The spots didn’t appear again. Only stray hairs are growing but they are thin and only visible on close inspection, even by myself!

Kerry is great and really prompt and flexible when it comes to arranging appointments.

The prices are reasonable and definitely worth it so I would recommend laser hair removal by Cristianos.