Transgender M2F Hair Removal

One of the major problems facing Transgendered Women in achieving a feminine appearance is that of facial hair. Laser hair removal in today’s society is extremely important for transwomen to be able to live in role or just ‘pass’ in public, Chris Hart has over 14 years in treating transgender clients and is even more dedicated to helping overcome this problem. If she could, she would clear every last hair from every transwoman’s face. Chris’s bubbly personality and sympathetic approach ensures that clients feel completely at ease or as much at ease as possible when facing a procedure, which involves “a measure of discomfort”.

Chris makes no claims that laser hair removal is totally pain free. “Clients reactions vary”, she says. “Some say it hurts, others consider it no worse than a pin prick followed by an afterglow equivalent to having been out in the sun.” By cooling the area beforehand and, if necessary, during treatment, Chris does all she can to minimise discomfort. Her chatty approach during treatment also distracts clients from the effect of the laser. In any case, laser treatment involves far less discomfort than conventional electrolysis. In the first place, each pulse is virtually instantaneous and over before it registers unlike conventional electrolysis where the needle is inserted followed by an electric current lasting a perceptible time.

Chromos 694Secondly, with the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser each pulse covers an area of about 7mm diameter and treats all hairs within this area simultaneously rather than just one hair at a time. This means that laser hair removal requires a tiny fraction of the number of individual shots needed for conventional electrolysis. We can now cover larger areas and treat most hair and skin types with our new system the Energist Ultra VPL.

Cristianos remains the only private clinic in the UK to introduce both the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser and the Energist VPL, both clinically proven to offer a highly effective means of achieving long- term hair removal quickly, painlessly and without damaging the skin. Trans clients travel from all over the country to have treatment at Cristianos and the clinic extends an invitation to you to try this innovative treatment for yourself in the discreet and comfortable surroundings of its Altrincham, London, Liverpool, Bury Lancashire and Leeds based clinics.

As well as reducing the total discomfort involved, this means that laser hair removal offers a “fast track” route to clearing noticeable facial hair and the “five o’clock shadow” which is the bain of trans clients life. In many cases, around 6 months of laser treatment can replace two years of conventional electrolysis. Whilst individual sessions may be more expensive, total costs can be substantially lower as far fewer sessions are required.

Unfortunately, laser treatment still remains non effective on grey or red hair. This means that trans clients with grey or white hairs amongst the dark will be left with a residue that may require electrolysis treatment. Fortunately, these hairs are far less obvious and do not produce a significant shadow area visible through make-up.

Those not concerned with achieving a totally smooth complexion may well be content with shaving this residue. Others may be happy to pluck or remove the remaining hairs by some other means. Even if conventional electrolysis is used to control those hairs, which survive laser treatment, the numbers involved will be much reduced and even these will be far less obvious while growing long enough for treatment. Two other significant advantages of laser hair removal are that it works best when the hairs are barely visible eliminating the need to have a face full of stubble for treatment. And it is possible to use make-up immediately afterwards.


One question asked about laser treatment is about how effective it is compared with conventional electrolysis. Potential clients are frequently aware that conventional electrolysis is claimed to be the only proven method of permanent hair removal. Science and technology have put men on the moon in the last thirty years and inevitably medical research brings advances in many fields. Hair removal is just one of those areas. Yes, electrolysis was the best solution that we could offer people in the past but now we need to embrace innovative technology for the benefit of our clients. Many years of research and clinical trials by medical physics and plastic surgeons have resulted in the development of the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser and the Energist Ultra VPL.

You can be assured of an ethical and professional understanding approach to your individual problems and concerns. If you do not initially feel confident about trying laser/VPL then there are highly qualified clinicians who will advise on alternatives to suit your requirement. We also have the availability to apply for NHS funding for hair removal.