Cristianos and the Trans Client.

At Cristianos we recognise the needs of our trans clients are very special: The prospect of having a hair free, smooth complexion …. To read more click here

Hair Removal for Transgender Clients MtF by Laser & Electrolysis.

Hair today – gone tomorrow thanks to laser technology….One of the major problems facing Transgendered Women in achieving a feminine appearance is that of facial hair…..To read more click here.

Phalloplasty Hair Removal for F2M

It is widely taken as public knowledge that individuals transition from one gender to another however it is believed that the vast majority of the general public see this as a transition from male to female….. To read more click here.

VPL Hair Removal for Most Skin Types.

Hair removal for most skin types using the Ultra VPL….the Energist Ultra System is the most advanced hair removal & skin rejuvenation product available. Utilising state-of-the-art technology….To read more click here.

Hormones and Laser Treatments.

The presence of male pattern facial hair is high on the list of obstacles to overcome for most transwomen if transition from male to female is going to be successful. Many would even say removal of beard growth….To read more click here

Treatment Costs.

Costs of treatment vary from clinic to clinic and area to area but not at Cristianos. It should never be the main deciding factor ….To read more click here

How the Treatment Works.

Before we can fully understand how laser hair removal works we need to look at the process of hair growth. On the surface of the skin all hair looks the same but ….To read more click here


Until the advent of laser, electrolysis was considered the only permanent method of hair removal. Unfortunately this treatment is unsuitable for Perineal hair removal…To read more click here

Perianal Hair Removal Prior to GRS.

More and more surgeons are requesting that hair is removed from the Perianal area prior to Male to Female reassignment surgery….To read more click here

Skin Rejuvenation.

Why not try a Cristianos Special for a total Skin Rejuvenation……To read more click here

Thread Veins.

Thread veins are a condition where small veins become visible on the skin’s surface. Small red veins or thread veins often appear on the skin due to a number of reasons ……To read more click here


Rosacea is a skin condition resulting in severe redness and spots on the face caused by the dilation of tiny blood vessels below the skin’s surface. Rosacea begins as outbreaks of flushing and redness on the face ……To read more click here

Spider Naevi.

Spider Naevi Veins are telangiectases that consist of a large arteriole from which radiate numerous small vessels that resemble, in the mind’s eye, spider’s legs ……To read more click here


The desire to improve our appearance is completely natural. How we look….To read more click here

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