Treatment Costs for Laser/IPL

We have always believed that treatment should be available to all who can benefit and as such we have endeavoured to keep are charges as low as possible. This inevitably means that one size does not fit all clients when it comes to listing charges simply because the charge is directly related to the amount of treatment any individual needs. So for instance hair removal from an upper lip is easy to quote a price for (between £35 and £45 per session) because the size of an upper lip doesn’t really vary a great deal.

However trying to quote for hair removal on a cheek or neck is a different scenario. We believe clients should only pay for what they need individually. Obviously cost matters and clients want to have an idea in order to assess what treatment plan is the most suitable to deal with the issue at hand.

We can give an approximate idea of costs for any area by email or telephone, however only by seeing the area to be treated can this be done accurately. This assessment is done during consultation when you can fully discuss your particular needs with the therapist/nurse who will be conducting your treatment. After consultation you are completely free to book an appointment or to return home and consider the information you have been given. Consultation is NEVER used to sell treatment and you will NEVER be asked to sign any form of contract or agreement other than giving your informed consent to treatment at such time as you decide to start your treatment plan.

Pricing Structure

Our prices are determined by our overheads in terms of premises, equipment, staff and time investment. We have chosen to invest in the application and maintenance of high quality equipment, employing and training professionals, continuous professional development not only meeting but exceeding the National Minimum Standards. Although much of this work is behind the scenes, it shows through in the quality of treatment and care our clients receive.

Of course for any business time is money, the time invested in compliance with quality standards is directly proportionate to the end product, the provision of safe quality assured treatment and care.


Consultations at Cristianos are aimed at giving you information and guidance about treatment options along with their benefits, any drawbacks and possible side effects. In order that we can advise on the most appropriate treatment for you, as an individual, we will require answers to some questions about your medical history and any medication you may be taking. Our aim is to provide treatment that is most suited to you. The needs of each individual client, your preferences and any reasonable requests that you may make, will always be considered when planning your treatment. Should laser treatment be the most suitable option that we recommend for your particular needs, a test patch must be carried out prior to any treatment. This test patch will allow observation of your individual skin reaction to treatment and let you experience the sensation of treatment, which is said to be similar to the flick of a rubber band against the skin.

Consultation and test patch are provided completely free of charge and without obligation. We suggest that you return home and read the information supplied in this guide before making your decision about treatment. It is highly unlikely that we will conduct a test patch and treatment on the same day.


Of course the bottom line is will the treatment be successful, ultimately women need to be free from facial hair at least. Whatever the cost of treatment it won’t be cost effective if the hair regrows. As with any treatment you must choose technology with a proven track record of success. Ask the salon to show you photographic proof of their results and ask people who have received treatment. Does the salon have a reputation for producing results? Is the salon likely to be around in twelve months time if you have any problems, particularly if they are asking you to pay up front? A final word from Chris Hart, Its not enough just to offer treatment, you as a clinic must prove the technology you use works and produces long term results. Neither is it enough just to be friendly, you must have the underpinning knowledge relevant to producing long term results for clients.

Our promise to you

  • Free consultation and test patch without obligation.
  • If your skin is not suitable for treatment we will inform you immediately.
  • No payments are made in advance.
  • Payments are spread over the course of your treatment

There is no extra cost should you decide to segment a treatment area, e.g. if you undertake a course on your upper lip and then decide to move onto a different facial area.

Should you require further information or simply wish to discuss any aspect of treatment, please telephone us on 0800-0850661 or e-mail us at and we will be glad to help.