Which system is best for you?

Which hair removal system to choose is one question that many people ask when attending the clinic. At Cristianos we have chosen systems that are both clinically proven safe and effective. They are the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser and the Energist Ultra Variable Pulsed Light (VPL)

Why choose two systems? Although ultimately both systems produce long term hair removal without damage to the skin they are suited to different needs. For example the Chromos is suited to clients with pale skin and the VPL is more suited to clients with darker skin tones. Fine vellus hair responds better to treatment with the Ultra than with the Chromos. The needs of each client are individual. At Cristianos we can use our extensive clinical experience to use each system to its best advantage. That might even mean the best results are achieved by using a combination of both systems.

During consultation your specific needs and suitability for treatment will be assessed. A treatment plan aimed at producing the best results will be devised and discussed with you. Your clinician will assess your progress at each treatment and may from time to time adjust your treatment plan. It is important that you allow us to use our extensive experience in the field to guide you throughout the course of your treatment.

Which System is Best for You (PDF size is under 1.0MB)